Reflexology Services


  • For the first session you will be asked to fill out a general health questionnaire, which we will go over together to give me
    a better understanding of your health challenges and wellness goals.

  • You will then be reclined back in a comfortable “zero gravity” chair complete with blanket, pillow and relaxing music to
    help you begin to de-stress and switch into that parasympathetic healing mode.

  • Your hands or feet will then be cleansed using warm water and essential oils, and thoroughly inspected for any issues
    or concerns.

  • Your treatment will begin with some simple warm up techniques to help stimulate circulation and induce relaxation.

  • I will then begin applying pressure to certain reflexes/zones of your hands or feet (first the right then the left). Working out
    any “problem areas” or energy blockages. Remember, you are always encouraged to ask questions or direct me to apply more or
    less pressure.

  • A relaxing hand or foot massage will be given to wrap up the treatment, followed by a complementary water or herbal tea.

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Daytime, Evening & Weekend Appointments Available